Competition Season Update

Fun times during Build Season!

Due to new state recommendations to cancel all public events, event organizers have postponed the 2020 San Diego Regional with consideration to the safety of the public. At the time of publishing, there is no new competition date. Please refer to the website for more information.

In addition, all other FIRST events, including the 2020 Orange County regional are indefinitely postponed. More updates about the status of the FIRST season will be added in the coming days.

We encourage all our members, friends, and partners to be patient, as well as practice common health precautions including, but not limited to:

-Washing hands with soap

-Avoiding extremely close contact with others

-Staying at home if sick

-Avoiding touching one’s face

-Limiting involvement with crowds

Team Sprocket thanks all students, parents, supporters and the FIRST community.

Please refer to for information about how to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

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