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Destination: Deep Space

Team Sprocket members gather around as they begin to strategize for the new game. (Mena Hassan/Team Sprocket)

DIAMOND BAR -- As Team Sprocket members trickled in to Diamond Bar High, the air was rampant with anxiety and excitement about this year's kickoff. This season's highly anticipated game did not disappoint. With the aroma of sizzling sausages filling the room, our members settled in as we prepared for this year's game reveal for Destination: Deep Space.

"3... 2... 1!", cheered the team, with eyes glued to the projector screen above. As unveiled in the Game Reveal, this year's competition focuses on gathering points from cargo and hatch panels to load the cargo ships and rockets on Planet Primus, the game field. Additionally, robots must deploy from their habitat during the arrival of an extraterrestrial sandstorm, and return to habitat platforms at the end of the match. In comparison to last year, this year's game is much more straightforward, emphasizing mastery of select functions rather than strategic execution.

For our team, this means trying to finish our robot by the fifth week of Build Season. Following the game reveal, we separated into smaller discussion groups and began to read over the 2019 Game Manual. After a short presentation from each group that covered the highlights of the rules, our members were reorganized into different groups and shared their insights on point strategies for the habitat, cargo, and hatch panels. As we deliberated on a prime strategy for the game, everyone was able to enjoy some appetizing scrambled eggs, pancakes, and sausage cooked by our amazing adviser, Mr. Aguilar!

Following a quick lunch, Team Sprocket members began to discuss a possible design for our robot this year, and others went to assemble game pieces and other field elements for future testing. After a fun-filled day, our team was able to bond together as we prepare for a busy season ahead.

We're so excited for this year's Build Season, and we can't wait to explore Deep Space!

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