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Into Deep Space at Orange County

ORANGE COUNTY -- Early Friday morning, members of Team Sprocket arrived at the Orange County Regional, ready with their 2019 game and season robot. This marked the start of our team's competition season, possible because of the 6 weeks of pure grit and grind that was put into assembling the robot and working on FIRST award submissions. Our team's finished work was loaded on the team trailer and brought to Costa Mesa the night before.

Team Sprocket's Drive Team hard at work during a qualification match

Qualification matches started at the OC Fairgrounds after an exciting opening ceremony. Team Sprocket played in the first match, contributing a respectable 26 points. Throughout the day, Team Sprocket competed in many more qualification matches, remaining in the middle of the pack. At the end of the first competition day, Team Sprocket was sitting at the 23rd rank. Meanwhile, the business team presented their take on the Chairman's award and the Entrepreneurship award.

On Saturday, Team Sprocket participated in a few more qualification matches, ending at 24th place out of 49 teams. Unfortunately, Team Sprocket was not selected into the 24 playoff teams. Though the heartbreaking loss, Team Sprocket members still spectated matches throughout the playoffs and were inspired to do better at Ventura, another regional Team Sprocket is planning to attend.

“Although we didn’t get the results we were hoping for, it was a learning experience for old and new members alike,” said Team Sprocket Captain Brandon Cheng. We wrapped up the day with an eager attitude to improve our robot for future competitions.

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