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Orange County Regionals!!

Regan Song, CAD Lead, showing off his Sprocket spirit as our mascot.

Team Sprocket attended the FIRST Orange County Regionals! We ended Beach Blitz a few months ago on a low note, giving our team hopes for a new chance at OC Regionals. We played a total of 8 qualification matches on the first day. During the competition, our robot, named AD, proved to be consistent with shooting into the lower zone. We also successfully climbed onto the mid bar with our climb system for all but one of our matches. After a long day, our team returned to school to hold a strategy meeting about the data collected to discuss our plans for day 2. Raiyan Ausaf, one of our team's captains says about day 1 of competition, "The competition went absolutely great, and I think from BeachBlitz, it's a huge improvement of from we're at and we should definitely take pride from that. But at the same time, we should not settle with what we got and continue improving for the next competition."

On day 2, we had another 3 qualification matches, leaving us in anticipation of our final ranking results. We proudly placed 14th out of the 42 teams and were honored to be the captain of the 8th alliance role. After scouting numerous matches, we allied with Team 8071 (R3-D3 Mersin from Turkey) and Team 5802 (Los Stemateros). In the first round of the quarter finals, our robots were against some tough competition. However, during the second round, we changed our strategy and played strong defense, closing the gap between the 1st, 2nd, and 15th ranked teams. To end our busy yet amazing day, we all went out for team dinner! Ultimately, this weekend was a success and the team is now preparing for our season’s last competition at the LA Regional. We want to give a special thank you to our Career Pathways teacher, Ms. Santiago, who came to watch and learn more about our team and to the family who donated boba for the entire team. We also wanted to give a big thank you to my advisor: Mr. Aguilar.

We look forward to the LA Regions. "All team members contributed and I'm excited to see how the next three weeks fall as we prepare for the LA Regionals" (Aguilar).

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