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Outreach + Week 4 Recap

On January 30th, Team Sprocket welcomed a group of bright and enthusiastic students from South Pointe Middle School to mentor. With a primary focus on 3D printing, the students embarked on a journey of creativity and innovation. Introduced to 3D modeling software, the students delved deep into their imaginations, meticulously crafting intricate designs that reflected their uniqueness. Our experienced team members eagerly assumed the role of guides, leading the students through the intricacies of the software. With patience and enthusiasm, we empowered them to explore their creativity without any restrictions, nurturing an environment where ideas could flourish. Witnessing the spark of inspiration ignite within these budding enthusiasts was a moment of profound satisfaction for our team.

Additionally, on the very next day, we continued with a collaboration with XYZ Printers for a special event hosted at the Spyder3D facility in Brea, CA. Through this collaboration, our team aimed to provide free 3D printers to visiting FRC teams as a way to promote innovation and invest in future generations. Concurrently, our doors opened to students from Alta Loma, who harbored aspirations of creating a robotics team at their school. They were inspired by our team and decided to reach out, seeking advice. Eager to pay it forward, we gladly welcomed them into our space, offering a descriptive tour of our facilities. From the bustling woodshop, where creativity takes tangible form, to the business functions of our team that drive our passions forward, we provided valuable insight into the well-rounded world of robotics and innovation.

Within the same week, our team had the opportunity to welcome exchange students all the way from Taiwan as guests in our woodshop. It was a thrilling occasion, as we welcomed them with open arms, eager to share our passion for robotics. Leading them on an immersive tour of our facilities, we showcased every facet of our team with pride and enthusiasm. From the intricate machinery of our woodshop to the cutting-edge capabilities of our robot, we offered a firsthand glimpse into the boundless possibilities of robotics. It was a privilege to serve as ambassadors of innovation, bridging cultures and fostering connections through our shared love for robotics.

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