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Last weekend, Team Sprocket hosted our annual Steamposium which was attended by middle and elementary school students. Members gave a brief presentation on what FIRST and Team Sprocket were. For example, the values of FIRST and Team Sprocket, what we as a team do, and some pictures and videos of our robots in action After the presentation, the students participated in an interactive activity where they would type out directions in the chat and a Team Sprocket member would move a robot on the Synthesis Simulation according to those directions. At the end, students were handed some activities to take home that they could do themselves. Davidson Drake, a member of the mechanical sub team and a host of the event, said “The activity was surprisingly fun and interactive. I would say it went about as well as it could go for a virtual activity.” Overall Steamposium was a success this year for Team Sprocket, inspiring young students to delve deeper into the STEM field.

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