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Team Sprocket Competes at Beach Blitz 2019

Team Sprocket competes at Beach Blitz 2019

3473: Team Sprocket took part in another off-season competition the past Saturday and Sunday. Held at Marina High School in Huntington Beach, the Beach Blitz tournament mirrored the format of an official regional competition.

Team Sprocket competed in intense qualification matches throughout the first day of competition, ending the day in the 8th rank out of 36 teams. The excitement was unmistakable as Team Sprocket watched their robot battling it out on the field for points.

A few remaining qualifications were held on Sunday morning, leading Team Sprocket to the top 15 teams. Selected as part of the 7th seed alliance, Team Sprocket joined Team 4079: Quantum Leap and Team 2659: RoboWarriors in its first bracketed match against the 2nd seed alliance, narrowly squeezing into the semifinal and final matches.

Despite our alliance’s valiant efforts during finals, we were unable to defeat the top-seeded alliance. Our performance as competition finalists was a memorable moment for our team, in addition to providing valuable competition experience for all of our team.

Whether they were scouting (collecting data on opposing teams’ robots), cheering, or repairing our robot, all of Team Sprocket members were truly contributing to our team’s success. The members of Team Sprocket have thoroughly enjoyed the learning experience and are extremely excited in anticipation for the upcoming build and competition season.

View our match below:

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